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Business Development

Business development

Italfarmaco Group is active in the development of foreign markets since the 1990s; in fact, there is a strong drive towards internationalization of the Group both through authorizations or distribution and/or agency agreements, and by the establishment of controlled companies of its own in different territories. Today Italfarmaco is present in Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Vietnam and USA.

There are many more activities aimed at expanding the Group’s presence in the world, which have already led to an important business activity through different types of partnership in the KUKA countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekhistan, Azerbaijan) as well as in China, South Korea, Russia, UK and Vietnam.

Many are the licenses obtained in the last few years which enabled Italfarmaco to mark its business presence in many Countries in the world; today, Italfarmaco’s products are indeed the most widely sold in over 40 Nations.

Italfarmaco Group is also present in Northern Africa and the Middle East through the newly established company Versalya Pharma, specialized in marketing, promotion and sale of Italfarmaco’s research products.

It is also significant to stress the company’s involvement in the "brand generics" business, which sees it engaged, with its Division Lifepharma S.p.A., in the promotion and marketing of different Countries of the Middle East, in Northern Africa as well as Central Asia.

Since 2003, the direct presence of Italfarmaco has also been extended to France by the acquisition of Effik, thus enabling the Group to be present in the whole area of Southern Europe.

The company is a market leader in the area of antianemic therapy in various Countries with a product of its own research and is consolidating its business in the gynecological and pregnancy areas.

The Business Development Division is active in the research and identification activities of products in the areas of interest and new business opportunities. Thanks to the important and wide geographic coverage and its wide presence in the territory with over 1,200 pharmaceutical sales representative, Italfarmaco proposes itself as an elective partner for the promotion, marketing and sale of new products.