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The regulations concerning the advertising of medicinal products for human use (Decree of the Ministry of Health n°219 of April 24, 2006) establish that the information related to medicinal products subject to medical prescription, are restricted to persons authorized to prescribe and/or dispense drugs.

For further information about our drugs we invite you to consult your Doctor or pharmacist.

ProductActive ingredientTherapeutic class

AkynzeoPalonosetron + NetupitantAntiemetic and antinausea, serotonin antagonist (5-HT3)

AloxiPalonosetronAntiemetic and antinausea, serotonin antagonist (5-HT3)

FentalgonFentanilOpioid analgesics

GranocyteLenograstimImmunostimulants, granulocyte growth factors

MyelostimLenograstimImmunostimulants, granulocyte growth factors

SiroctidOctreotideSomatostatin analogues

TeglutikRiluzoleOther drugs for the nervous system

TreojectOctreotideSomatostatin analogues

TriasporinItraconazoleAntimycotics for systemic use