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Who we are

Italfarmaco SpA is a private Italian multinational company located in Milan, operating in Italy and abroad in both the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries through its controlled and/or participated companies. Italfarmaco was establish in 1938.

Today Italfarmaco Group markets ethical products in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Morocco and also for its subsidiary company Chemi Spa in USA and Brazil, where it employs over 3000 people with an annual sales turnover over 700 million euros. Its products, always with high therapeutic content, are mainly oriented towards the cardiovascular, immuno-oncologic, gynecological, osteoporosis and neurologic area.

The Group has modern and sophisticated industrial plants where it performs the manufacturing of medicinal specialties according to the highest quality standard. The first plant, for the manufacturing of preparations for injection and solid oral products, is located in Milan, whereas a second manufacturing unit, for the manufacturing of liquid oral products, is located in Madrid.

Chemical-pharmaceutical products are manufactured in the industrial plants located in Frosinone (Italy)and Camaçari (Brazil).

Italfarmaco Group is particularly outstanding for its commitment to research, mainly oriented towards the cardiovascular area and diseases associated with disorders of the immuno-oncologic system.

Product portfolio expansion of the entire group and consolidation on international markets represents a priority.

Product portfolio expansion is also pursued through:

  • increased investments in R&D in order to develop innovative products in already established therapeutic areas;
  • commercial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in the field of therapeutic areas with an established presence.

Further expansion in Europe and foundation of new affiliates in foreign markets represent the goal which the company pursues through the creation of new subsidiaries and joint ventures with other companies

In addition to the pharmaceutical activities of Italfarmaco, the Group markets through company LIFEPHARMA on foreign markets such as Vietnam, Middle East and North Africa with its own offices or sales network.

In addition to research, production and marketing of drugs, Italfarmaco Group manufactures active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry through its subsidiary CHEMI S.P.A. and Italfarmaco Chemical (Brazil) which represent the Group’s chemical-industry arm.

Chemi S.p.A. sells some 90% of its products on foreign markets (USA, Japan, EU, etc.), on which it collaborates with many international pharmaceutical companies.

Chemi S.p.A. is among the leading manufacturers of active ingredients, and owns advanced technologies in the field of phospholipids, peptides and the chemistry of chiral products.

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