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07 September 2023 - Duchenne Awareness DAY

7 September marks World Duchenne Awareness Day (WDAD), a disease in which we as a company are particularly involved.

27 January 2023 - WOMAN FACTOR: the Italfarmaco community dedicated to women

Italfarmaco has always stood by women in crucial moments of their lives and today it is even more so with the new Woman Factor corporate project.

07 September 2022 - Duchenne Awareness DAY

September 7th is World Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day, a disease that sees us, as a company, at the forefront of the search for a drug that can slow down its progression.

26 July 2022 - Italfarmaco acquires 100% of Lacer, a Spanish pharmaceutical company that is a leader in health care and personal hygiene

Thanks to this operation, that is subject to the approval of the competition authorities, the Group will reach 1,300 employees in Spain and 3,500 globally, with a consolidated turnover of over 1 billion euros.

11 March 2021 - ITALFARMACO enters to IMMUN-HUB Project

IMMUN-HUB Project : Regione Lombardia Cofunding, aimed to Second Generation NME Development for Oncology Immunotherapy.

07 September 2020 - World Duchenne Awareness Day – Duchenne and the Brain

World Duchenne Awareness Day represents a great action of the global Duchenne Community to raise awareness for children and young adults living with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. This year the special theme that deserves more attention is “Duchenne and the brain”.

26 June 2020 - Italfarmaco supports the "Donnenmd" project

"Donnenmd" is a project promoted by the pediatric area of the NeMO Center in Rome, in collaboration with the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital Foundation IRCCS with the aim of providing training and information on some neuromuscular pathologies with childhood onset and to enhance the experiences of affected and caregivers women.

25 June 2020 - EPICO: EPIgenetic Therapy for the treatment of COronavirus

As part of the measures to support the development of collaborations for the identification of therapies and diagnostic, protection and analysis systems to combat the Coronavirus emergency and other viral emergencies of the future, the Lombardy Region has financed the project "EPIgenetic Therapy for the treatment of COronavirus infections "- Acronym: EPICO

01 May 2020 - COVID-19 and coagulation risk, the first Italian register of patients by the scientists of the Arianna Anticoagulation Foundation is born

The START-COVID-19 register is one of the activities supported by Italfarmaco and is part of GHEMAVID, the new platform of medical-scientific projects that the company makes available to the Scientific Community and to all Doctors in order to deepen their knowledge on COVID- 19 and counteract thromboembolic complications.

13 November 2019 - identification of new and highly selective inhibitors of histone deacetylase 6

The “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry” publishes a paper on the identification of new and highly selective inhibitors of histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) by the Italfarmaco drug discovery team.


10 September 2019 - World Drug Safety Congress Europe, 10-11 September 2019, Amsterdam

Invited speaker: Margherita D’Antuono, Corporate Pharmacovigilance Director, EU QPPV Italfarmaco S.p.A.

07 September 2019 - Bring your light for the World Duchenne Awareness Day

Italfarmaco is devoted to bring the light of hope into the world of Duchenne by committing to develop drugs to slow down the disease progression...

06 June 2019 - Award Ceremony of Le Fonti Awards, June 6th 2019

Award obtained:
Italfarmaco, Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership R&D Pharmaceutical Sector for being an Italian excellence in the pharmaceutical sector.

29 March 2019 - Italfarmaco Group is pleased to announce the marketing of GhemaXan, the first biosimilar of Enoxaparin Sodium developed and produced in Italy

25 February 2019 - Italfarmaco lancia in Italia NUPERAL, il primo farmaco in associazione precostituita di doxilamina succinato e piridossina cloridrato autorizzato per il trattamento sintomatico di nausea e vomito in gravidanza

20 February 2019 - Gordon Research Conference on Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics

31 January 2019 - Italfarmaco rafforza la sua presenza nelle malattie rare con il lancio della specialità medicinale VOTUBIA

09 November 2018 - TRiNDS and Italfarmaco Announce US Patient Advocacy Partnership for EPIDYS Trial of Givinostat for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

26 September 2018 - Nuova Immissione in commercio di SONIDOR, integratore alimentare con estratti di biancospino, lavanda e luppolo che favoriscono sonno e rilassamento

07 September 2018 - World Duchenne Awareness Day

25 July 2018 - World Drug Safety Congress Europe, 10-11 Settembre 2018, Amsterdam

Invited speaker: Margherita D’Antuono, QPPV Italfarmaco SpA

22 September 2017 - NATALBEN, line of pregnancy supplements of Italfarmaco, is the partner of Walking Day, the first Italian event dedicated to Walking


21 September 2017 - ITF BECKER. A new therapeutic approach to the Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD)

Paolo Bettica, Vice President R&D ITALFARMACO S.p.A, interviewed for the ITF Becker project

27 June 2017 - A new therapeutic approach to the Becker muscular dypriophy, signed agreement

The signature meeting was held at the Regione Lombardia premises in the afternoon of June 27, 2017.

13 April 2017 - POR FESR 2014-2020: Linea innovazione (Innovation line)

The Italfarmaco's project "ITF-Becker a new therapeutic approach at the Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD)"

17 March 2017 - Peripheral occlusive arterial disease (PAD)

European objective of no amputations with early diagnosis and proper prevention; proper therapy could reduce amputations by 70%

02 March 2016 - Market launch of Akynzeo

Market launch of Akynzeo, new NK-1 antagonist serotonergic

30 September 2015 - Acquisizione di Effik, S.A.

Il Gruppo Italfarmaco annuncia l'acquisizione del restante 50% di Effik, S.A.

29 September 2015 - New Italfarmaco representative office in Vietnam

Opening of the new Group representative Office

31 July 2014 - GMP Approval by Turkish Authorities

Approval of the Italfarmaco manufacturing plant of Milan

30 June 2014 - FDA approves the registration of Enoxaparine

The manufacturing is started at the Italfarmaco manufacturing plant of Milan

11 June 2014 - Inauguration of the new branch office in Moscow

Inauguration of the new Italfarmaco representative office in Moscow

29 November 2013 - New manufacturing plant

Inauguration of the new chemical-pharmaceutical manufacturing plant of ITF Chemical (Bahia-Brasil)