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Organizing model according to Decree of Law 231/01

ITALFARMACO SpA has adopted a model of organization and control complying with the prescriptions of the Decree of Law no. 231 of June 8, 2001, which has introduced into the Italian legislation the administrative responsibility of the companies for some specific types of criminal offences, when they were committed in the interest of the company itself.

To be adequate to such regulation, it is necessary that the companies adopt and establish:

  • A Model of organization and Control (Model)
  • A Code of Ethics
  • A Body of Vigilance

The Italfarmaco Board of Directors approved on 28 May 2010 the Model of Organization of Management and Control complying with the Italian Decree of Law no. 231 and the Code of Ethics.
The model represents the business rules of ITALFARMACO S.P.A., which are binding for the Company. This model is intended as the set of operating and deontological rules adopted by ITALFARMACO.
The Code of Ethics represents the essential and guiding principles reaffirmed by the Company at the base of his work in every field of activity: it represents the behaviors requested to those who act in the name of and on behalf of the Company.

The Board of Administrators of Italfarmaco has appointed the Body of Vigilance with the task of checking the functioning and compliance with the Model and for its updating. Any reports or requests for further information could be sent to the suitable e-mail address: odv.italfarmaco@italfarmacogroup.com or odv.segnalazioni.italfarmaco@italfarmacogroup.com (whistleblowing) or by fax to the following number 02-612.905.89.


Model of organization of Italfarmaco

Examination of offences

Code of Ethics of Italfarmaco

Whistleblowing Procedure

Whistleblowing channel