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Medical affairs
Medical affairs

The Medical-Scientific Research, which has significantly contributed to increase the life expectancy and improved quality of life, has undergone, after centuries of progressive and gradual evolution, an abrupt acceleration, reaching unexpected and surprising goals in the last decades.

Simultaneously, another area has come to the forefront, including health needs, whose meeting today requires increasingly effective, safe, practical, patient-respecting, socially sustainable and, cost-effective solutions.

The Medical-Scientific Direction of Italfarmaco copes with energy and dynamism with the challenge of documenting and measuring the ‘drug global value’ by means of the new and heterogeneous scientific disciplines establishing its medical, human, economic and social meaning.

Scientific rigor, continuity compared with acquired knowledge, but also identification of removed or unexpressed health needs, originality of methodological approach to problems, objective evaluation of the socio-economic impact of therapies, also thanks to the wide collaborations with health institutions, scientific societies, research groups, universities and hospitals: these are the inspiring values enabling us to produce scientific data in line with the most challenging prospects of health system.

More specifically:

  • We support wide-range and up-to-date initiatives in the oncological and immunological areas;
  • We promote monitoring projects and cardiovascular and thromboembolic risk control related to many disorders;
  • We identify and study ground-breaking technologies for hospital and home management of complex disorders, in tune with the social need to improve human and health care on the territory;
  • We are in the front row in the study of pharmaceutical products able to improve the distress of our patients in particularly delicate and complex moments of their lives (‘supportive care’ in oncology, prevention of complications of hematologic neoplasms, treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis);
  • We document the health needs in previously neglected areas, such as women’s health at any age;
  • We take part in initiatives evaluating and promoting clinical relevancy in numerous diseases and conditions, from peripheral vascular disorders to osteoporosis, from chronic pain to the wide area of psychiatric disorders;
  • We look for contact points and synergy among different treatment areas, with the conviction that, besides a specialist sector expertise, the complex unicity of patients and their global health needs should also be addressed;
  • We promote programs aimed at improving treatments of persons with rare and particularly disabling diseases;
  • Through our Pharmacovigilance Service, we also ensure the highest quality standards for safety, thanks to the enforcement of the most modern international regulations.

In view of the impact of global health costs on public budgets, drug policies today represent one of the crucial challenges on which the sustainability of financial systems mostly depends. The Medical-Scientific Direction of Italfarmaco is in the front line in ideating, promoting and sustaining ‘Health Technology Assessment’ projects. On the basis of the most advanced methodologies, we contribute to identify and measure clinical, economical and organizational fallouts, of new therapeutic instruments, including new medical devices enabling to use drugs in a more appropriate and profitable way for both person and society.

Lastly, we believe that youth is a guarantee of creativity and innovation, therefore we place our greatest interest is the assessment of research proposals and new experimental models created by talented young Italian investigators.