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Besides the in-house activities of research and development, always resulting in the manufacturing of new medicinal products, Italfarmaco considers the in-licensing activities of new products and technologies as the key factor for its growth.

In addition, with the goal of expanding the presence of products developed in-house in the various territories not covered by its subsidiaries, Italfarmaco establishes business agreements with local partners selected from the best pharmaceutical companies of each Country (Licensing-out).

Our Licensing Direction– for both in- and out-licensing activities– operates with the goal of creating long-lasting relationships of mutual benefit with all of its licensors and licensees.

In-licensing activities:

Italfarmaco is always ready to assess new business opportunities in order to include ground-breaking drugs among the products to be promoted, both to specialists and general practitioners, through its network of scientific information. The process of assessing new opportunities to be included in the product portfolio is very accurate and involves all the Directions of Italfarmaco dealing with clinical development, registration and promotion aimed at highlighting the therapeutic role of new medicinal products and patient benefit.

Italfarmaco also assesses new opportunities, for hospital and pharmaceutical markets, related to new formulations capable of meeting all the new medical requirements and offering an advantage to patients (for example: new liquid or sustained-release formulations, pre-filled syringes).

Italfarmaco is also interested in innovative medical devices or food supplements in specific therapeutic areas (for example the Gynecological area). Italfarmaco also has a remarkable presence in the following therapeutic areas, which are the cornerstone of its activities: Gynecology; Thrombosis & Cardiovascular; Oncology & Supportive Care; Bone Metabolism; Central Nervous System.

Out-licensing activities:

Italfarmaco is interested in the constant expansion, through targeted partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, of the countries in which in-house-developed products are licensed and marketed.
Our out-licensing activities is mainly focused on the search for new licensors or distributors in the territories where Italfarmaco is not directly present through its subsidiaries.

Products available for out-licensing are those belonging to the Central Nervous System area (e.g: choline alfoscerate, liquid formulations of Paroxetine, Venlafaxine, Zolpidem, Riluzole), iron-based and iron derivatives products, folic acid-based products, Combinations of calcium + vitamin D3, food supplements for pregnancy and women’s health.