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01 May 2020 - COVID-19 and coagulation risk, the first Italian register of patients by the scientists of the Arianna Anticoagulation Foundation is born

A great project supported by ITALFARMACO in Covid and thromboembolic complications.

In particular, learning and counteracting the lethal effects of COVID-19 on blood clotting through the study of the medical records of patients hospitalized so far in Italian hospitals.

The START-COVID initiative of the ARIANNA Anticoagulation Foundation is supported by ITALFARMACO, that has always been involved in the study, production and distribution of standard heparins and low molecular weight heparins.

The START-COVID register will allow, among other things, to retrospectively correlate the use and doses of drugs such as enoxaparin with the clinical conditions of a representative number of patients with COVID-19 and the evolution of their disease.

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