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10 September 2019 - World Drug Safety Congress Europe, 10-11 September 2019, Amsterdam

Dr. D’Antuono will chair a session of “Pharmacovigilance in Emerging Markets” and will give a presentation on “Launching products in emerging markets”.

The session will include two more speakers, Nicole Baker, EEA QPPV, Head of Global Pharmacovigilance, Besins Healthcare, and Philippa Evans, Safety Medical Writer, Novo Nordisk.

Emerging markets represent an exceptional opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry.

However, the strategies adopted by those Companies that want to expand in these markets must be tailored to the pace of development of each country where also Pharmacovigilance is continuously growing, evolving, and improving.

As a consequence, the Pharmacovigilance department must find information on local legislation, monitor and act to maintain the entire pharmacovigilance system adequate to the regulations.

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