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17 March 2017 - Peripheral occlusive arterial disease (PAD)

Peripheral occlusive arterial disease (PAD): European objective of no amputations with early diagnosis and proper prevention; proper therapy could reduce amputations by 70%

A disease, not very well known, which increases however in the population especially with the growth in life expectancy and which can develop, if not early diagnosed and properly treated, even to amputation of fingers or limbs.

The four European Days of Arterial Disease and Vascular Diseases (15 - 19 March 2017 www.vas-int.net/128-pad-vascular-eu-days1.html) has been an opportunity to raise the issue of the peripheral occlusive arterial disease (PAD) and present a four phases pathway for diagnosis and therapy of the disease and for the reduction in number of amputations.

The stages of Italfarmaco project to support diagnostic and treatment pathway of PAD

Main purpose of Italfarmaco remains to hiring to physicians high profile medicines in order to face and solve unmet clinical needs focus on “low-profile/abandoned” diseases like AOP is in clinical perception; through the diagnostic and therapeutical awareness pathway, ITF is once again continuing its aim of offering the best knowledge and the best drugs approach finalized to the common and more than ethical goal of reducing amputations.

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