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25 July 2018 - World Drug Safety Congress Europe, 10-11 Settembre 2018, Amsterdam

Dr. D’Antuono will co-lead a round-table addressing “The new eudravigilance: process changes and best practices” along with Francesco Tescione, Sr. Pharmacovigilance Manager & EU-QPPV, Molteni Farmaceutici, Ulrich Vogel, Head, Strategic Data Analysis, Global Pharmacovigilance, Boehringer Ingelheim, e Maddalena Lino, Therapeutic Area Safety Head, Pharmacovigilance, Seqirus.

World Drug Safety Congress Europe was the first strategic pharmacovigilance event to unite a plethora of stakeholders in drug safety, from pharma and biotechs to regulators and patients. The event continues to lead the way in moving the sector forward and has been running for over a decade. It is world renowned for its ability to connect key stakeholders and grow the industry.
The success achieved in previous editions has led this one to have more than 120 speakers present to ensure maximum participation of most major pharmaceutical companies.

It will be an important opportunity to share ideas and strategies to promote greater safety of the drugs on the market.

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