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Chemi SPA is an Italian pharmaceutical company, belonging to Italfarmaco Group. Chemi SPA is specialized in the development and characterization of complex molecules, with production capacity in both the synthesis of the active ingredient (API) and the manufacturing of injectable preparations.

Chemi SPA has relevant skills in the fields of Low Molecular Weight Heparins LMWH), peptides and oncology products, it has innovative technology for the creation of its product pipeline and has been granted marketing Authorization for "generic products" in different Finished Dosage Formulations both nationally and worldwide. In addition, Chemi SPA also offers "plus" generic products with significant technical differentiation compared with the original reference molecules.

The vertical integration between Chemi technologies and Italfarmaco Headquarters, enables to offer a portfolio of complete products ready to be marketed. Sodium enoxaparin is among them: Chemi, supported by the pharmaceutical plant of ITALFARMACO spa headquarters, devoted to the development of formulations in pre-filled syringes, has been developing and improving, and manufactured Sodium Enoxaparin for injection, by supporting Teva for the MA of generic Enoxaparin from Food & Drug Administration in the United States.

For further information: www.chemi.com